Relaxation box, Stress relief, aromatherapy kit

Pure Essential Oils for relaxation. Three oils that are the perfect combination to target Specifically selected oils to target symptoms of stress and anxiety. Rose Oil, Chamomile Oil and Lavender Oil; a perfect combination to relax and restore.

Enjoy the wonderful benefits of Essential Oils with just the right properties to combat stress. Lavender: Renowned for its calming effects, lavender is the ultimate essential oil for relaxation. It is considered an ideal oil for restoring the nervous system and relieving irritability and anxiety. This oil boosts inner peace and aids sleep. Chamomile: Chamomile encourages inner harmony while reducing anxiety and helping to dispel anger.

Research has suggested that chamomile clears the mind and can have anti-depressant effects. Rose Rose oil is known to boost confidence and self-esteem, improve mental strength and fight depression as well as anxiety, including panic attacks. It’s widely used in aromatherapy for helping to heal a broken heart, invoke positive thoughts and feelings of joy and happiness. Rose soothes the mind, balances emotions and heals negative feelings.

Add a few drops to your bath, or in an oil burner to create a relaxing environment. Or for an all over feeling of wellness add to a carrier oil and use for massage. All beautifully packaged in a compact box, or hand-crafted bag. As the saying goes beautiful things come in small packages.

A perfect gift for yourself, or someone who deserves a little TLC.

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