SucculentSkin Care Program

Succulents are taking the skincare industry by storm! More now than ever you will see skincare products focused on using Aloe Vera, Prickly Pear and Yucca in their skincare lines.  That is because these cacti are known for their ability to hold moisture in harshest dry conditions. These succulents can offer the same moisture holding power for your skin. Packed with antioxidant Vitamin E, which acts like a shield against environmental skin pollutants, it is known for its ability to soften even the driest of skins. What does it mean to have skin that holds moisture? LESS wrinkles! More PLUMP youthful looking skin! Those dark spots? GONE!

We believe that the living plant is the best way to treat your skin. Using known plants that are extraordinary for skincare we design a beautiful bathroom garden for your "SucculentSkin" care program.

Our SucculentSkin Garden  will have your skin looking youthful, plump, and ageless in no time!

Includes 4 piece egg garden with assortment of succulents and the Aloe Ellenbeckii which is a Perennial succulent native to Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. We selected this Aloe plant in that it contains copious amounts of healing mucilage and is tasty.

Once you have used your living SucculentSkin care plant, just order more, or you can sign up for a monthly subscription!


We have a burning LOVE for Aloe Vera! It is A MUST have in every skincare routine no matter what the age or skin type. 

Aloe Vera is a known miracle worker when it comes to skin ailments. It’s been used for centuries, and was called the “plant of immortality” by the ancient Egyptians. Have a sunburn? Rub Aloe Vera gel on inflamed skin for instant soothing. This cactus plant produces a clear gel that can help heal wounds; this gel contains two hormones called Gibberellins and Auxin that can stimulate the growth of new cells and cut down on acne scarring. Easy to grow and quick to heal? Aloe Vera is a definite wonder plant.

Ingestible Benefits: Many don’t realize that Aloe Vera can actually be ingested. Eat it raw or cooked to take advantage of 20 amino acids and 7 enzymes that can help your body absorb nutrients and build muscle.

Topical Benefits: Aloe Vera is easy to use; simply break open the leaf and rub the gel found inside directly on your skin. Excellent for treating sunburn and an effective natural moisturizer, Aloe Vera provides an endless amount of topical benefits. The gel also contains Vitamins C and E, which can help improve your skin’s firmness and retain moisture to keep your face looking and feeling its best.

Growing Tips: Don’t have a green thumb? Aloe Vera is your plant. These succulents do well in dry conditions, and don’t require a great deal of maintenance. Plant in a cactus potting soil mix and ensure the soil can drain easily. Aloe Vera plants will die if left in standing water, so be sure that any pot you use offers plenty of drainage points.


Please allow 2 weeks for delivery as each arrangement is hand made with love!