Pamela Fleming Co-Founder Stylist

I have a passion for fashion and the deep desire to connect with women and be a conduit for them to express themselves in their own unique way. Sometimes we don't even know what our "STYLE" is... We become complacent with how we dress ourselves accepting what's been comfortable for years. At times, maybe we are trying to hide ourselves from the world.  In this comfy place we forget how beautiful, sexy and vivacious we are as a woman. We forget that deeply rooted in our feminine, is desire and passion. But to own desire and passion, we need to FEEL beautiful and Sexy. Clothing has an extraordinary way of making us feel sexy and maybe a little risky. 

Here at Aella & Co we want to be a part of the "rediscovering" that "YOU" inside that walks with confidence, speaks with clarity and owns her beauty!

I look forward to working with you!


Pamela Fleming

Co-Founder and Stylist

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